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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

So fond of UNI (sea urchins)

Uni (Japanease word for sea urchin) is one of my favorite sashimi (raw seafood). Uni tastes so good when fresh! Uni with rice is perfect combination, that becomes uni sushi, my favorite sushi!!!
Uni tastes great when it is still alive, and looks great when it is dead. I love the beauty of a shaved, dead and dried uni.

Recently I bought a few items from an etsy shop called SEAURCHIN. I love the work of this artist so much! The patterns she made on her ceramics are gorgeous!! They resemble fossils and corals.

This flower plate is so delicately made, there are parts at the centre that is so thin that light pierces through it. It becomes an awesome backdrop for my bird pendant. Maybe this lighting effect enhanced the attractivenss of my bird pendant, my bird pendant was sold within 2 hours after being listed on etsy. Thank you Lisa for providing me with such a gorgeous backdrop!

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