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Monday, September 12, 2011

Mid Autumn Festival

It's Mid Autumn Festival today! Everybody is meeting their families, having wonderful dinners and enjoying moon cakes and fruits. There are mid autumn festival illumination displays and parties all round the city. This traditional Chinese festival is so much fun especially for children, they have lots of lanterns, candles, wax, glow in the dark stuffs to play with. When I was small I used to have a big orange star fruit lantern, I treasured it alot, and used it year after year until it was unfit to take out and show people.

I never played with any lantern after I've grown up, this year is my first year to buy a lantern again. Of course my choice is star fruit lantern. It brings back so much childhood memories.


Salina said...

I just LOVE you blog Heidi.:)

Hydie Tan said...

Thank you very much Salina!!