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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Miniature English cottage making beginner . Petite Properties cottage

This is my first challenge of making mini English cottage. 
I always fancy about thatched English cottages, they look so cute and magical. The first time for me to visit them was about 20 years ago in Stratford Upon Avon, home of Shakespeare. I know I never will have a chance to own one, but owning a mini version of it is possible.

 The kit I used is from Petite Properties Ltd.
It consists of ready cut wooden parts which seems quite easy to assemble, and it has an instruction sheet. I live in Hong Kong all of my life and English is a foreign language to me, but the instruction sheet is nicely written and easy to read so I have no difficulty in understanding it.

 Assembling the parts is not a problem for me. Painting and creating texture is challenging. I had no experience in making this kind of house models so I did study and made a lot of research on this topic.

The paint I used is also bought from Petite Properties Ltd. 

The most challenging part for me is making the roof. I worked according to the book from Petite Properties.
I had never done this before and cannot anticipate what results I can get.

Wrap clay on the roof, paint it with glue, sprinkle tiny fibers on top, then paint the whole roof.

The effect is not bad at all, it is better than I expected. I am satisfied with it.