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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Love for Japanese Kimono ( furisode 振袖 )

Earlier this year I went to Kyoto, an old capital of Japan. It is a beautiful city packed with tourists from all over the world. There is a special thing to do in Kyoto which will make the trip more wonderful - kimono rental. Many kimono shops provide kimono rental services to tourists. The service also includes dressing up and hair styling. The kimonos provide to tourists are mainly "yukata 浴衣" or "komon 小紋". I tried a more sophisticated kind of kimono which called "furisode 振袖", this is a kind of kimono which Japanese wear during their 20th birthday celebration, parties and special occasions.

 Furisode has 2 major differences when comparing to komon or yukata, the first one is the long sleeves and the second one is the obi (the belt). The way of arranging the obi is much complicated, it looks more elegant and has more details.

I completely fell in love in wearing kimono after the trip.