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Thursday, October 6, 2011

My first FRONT PAGE on etsy

Today when I checked my etsy account, I'm surprised by a sudden increase in the number of people who added me to their circle. Then I opened a message who thanked me for including his/her item on front page treasury.... FRONT PAGE?? Did I read anything wrongly? Front page? When did I make a front page? I checked the treasury this seller refers to, then I saw lots of people leaving congratulation messages and mentioning FP!!! I was so excited!! My first FRONT PAGE!!!


Salina said...

Congratulations Heidi! I'm so happy for you.:) I missed my first front page too. It's been awhile since I've made it there. It's always exciting. Hope it brings in or has made you some sales.:) Have a great day!

Hydie Tan said...

Thank you Salina! Totally out of expectation, I did not expect a FP on my 5th WEEK of business, I thought I need to wait at least 1 year. However it did not bring me lots of shop item views, the amount of item views yesterday was LOW! Being on front page but have the lowest item views in the whole week!!! But on the other hand, the sellers involving in this treasury sent messages to me saying they received tremendous hits and favorites. I am very happy about it, I did something that makes people (unknown strangers) so happy, it's funny and amazing!!