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Saturday, October 1, 2011

My etsy shop stamp

Nozomi Crafts has its own stamp finally!!
My hand writing sucks, even teachers have openly criticized my handwriting during class. I don't know why I cannot control the pen nicely when writing, but can control the pen very well when drawing. Something must have gone wrong inside my brain. Writing a beautiful "Thank you" note to customers is not easy for me, I really don't want to show my aweful handwriting to my dear customers. Therefore I tried to find "someone" to write for me and I found MY RUBBER STAMP etsy shop . Their "thank you" stamp is beautiful!! The birdie stands elegantly on the "T". Moreover I can add my shop address beneath the "thank you", that is perfect for my customers!! I used my "thank you" stamp on vintage looking gift tags, and these lovely gift tags will accompany every parcel I send out to customers.


Salina said...

I love your shop stamp.:)
I too have horrible handwriting. My husband use to tease me about it.:)And like you, even though my handwriting was horrible, I could draw very well.:) Funny how that is.

Hydie Tan said...

Salina, it is you who inspired me to make gift tags to customers!! When I opened up the parcel you sent to me a few months ago, I was so happy to find vintage style gift tag on every nature bowls! They look beautiful! So instead of stamping onto business cards, I chose to stamp on vintage style gift tags. Thank you so much for the idea!!

MyRubberStamp said...

you tags are so yummy =)
we are so glad that you love the stamps ;)