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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Glowing bowl

Winter is coming, my craft room is preparing for its arrival. I bought new home decor items from etsy including felt bowls from Moonflower Creations. Salina's felt bowls are wonderful home decoration, this time I asked Salina to make a blue one for me (I already have oatmeal and green). Usually Salina's nature bowls are filled with findings from nature like moss, acorns and feathers, but I asked Salina to send me an empty one. I want a winter theme bowl, something that looks like snow that can act as a winter backdrop for my felted little animals. So I put wool inside, and to make it more interesting I hid an electric candle inside the "snow", thus giving it some warmth. The contrast of the warm orange with the icy blue is amazingly beautiful!! It looks like something in fairytale books. I and my felted animals love it very much.

The felted bird necklace and the sheep are available in my etsy shop now:


Salina said...

Wow Heidi...I love how this bowl turned out as your backdrop for your super sweet creations.:) The color really does give that feel of icy snow. Your birds and sheep are adorable. :)

Hydie Tan said...

The blue color is really adorable! Thank you for selecting this blue for me!