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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fukuyama Masaharu drawings

I seldom draw, I used to draw a lot during school days long time ago but stopped drawing once I left school. I love crafting more, if I have free time I prefer making some crafts instead of drawing. However there are times when I have the urge to pick up my pencil, especially when I saw subjects that I love. Usually those subjects will be animals or pretty celebrities.

This is a celebrity who I love to draw alot, Fukuyama Masaharu, a Japanese singer-songwriter & actor & radio personality with very good looks and FUNNY !! Even Beyonce once said " I love Fukuyama" publicly in a Japanese TV programme.

original photos

original photos

original photos


Salina said...

You did these? Really? If so, you are absolutely awesome! I too use to draw portraits when I was in high school. Was pretty good at it too and I loved using colored pencil for color, but through the years of not doing it, I think I lost my ability.:( You should start selling your drawings on Etsy too.

kerrie of sea cottage said...

These are absolutely amazing drawings. I am an artist but I cannot draw portraits. You are a very talented artist. Salina is right...you could sell these(you could print copies if you do not want to sell the originals)on etsy.

Hydie Tan said...

Thank you very much for the nice comments! You think these drawings are really good? I did not go to formal art school so I dont know the standards of a good portrait. My friends also like these drawings and I made prints for them, but I think I won't sell celebrity portraits.

Frances said...

Your drawings are really amazing!! I bet Fukuyama would be so happy to see them. I love how attentive you are to detail and how you bring out the light and soul of the person. I love your felted animals, and was surprised to see that you are so good at drawing too.