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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nature bowls from Moon Flower Creations

A few months ago I found some beautiful felted wool bowls on etsy, the shape, the scalloped edges and the fillings appealed so much to me. I ordered a few items from this shop - Moon Flower Creations , including some bowls, nests and felted wool eggs.

When the parcel arrived I was even more in love with the bowls, they were so soft to touch and the smell (should be the scent of washing powder or softener) was so pleasing! They really are beautiful display of nature. I later ordered more of these nature bowls as gifts for my friends and Salina was so kind to complete the order within so short time for me, thank you Salina!!

Here is the link of the nature bowl on etsy : Felted Nature Bowl

The nature bowls hold mosses, lichens, feathers and acorns, I put some of my handmade felted wool acorns into the bowls and they look very lovely and match so well with the bowls.


Salina said...

It's so nice seeing my felted nature bowls here.;) You do such good work with your needle felting Heidi.:)

Hydie Tan said...

Thank you! I am still not good enough in needle felting, I'm still practising it day by day, hope I can be as good as those experts in etsy some day.