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Monday, July 11, 2011

a good START with my baby Dinosaur

Today I want to start creating a blog. I will mostly write about my hobbies that are related to arts and crafts and things that are pretty and interesting for sharing.

Most of us in Hong Kong live in tiny apartments, we dont have much space for storage. Things that are useless or seem worthless will be thrown away, even things full of childhood memories are forced to be discarded. It's a pity.
 I created lots and lots of things during my school days, but 98% of them were thrown away, apart from some drawings only one handmade item has been kept, that is my baby dinosaur. He is so lucky that he manages to escape from the rubbish bin all these years. I seldom play with clay when I was small, probably less than 5 pieces were made, that makes this dinosaur so special that he can remain on the shelf.

The reason for creating this dinosaur has been forgotten. What has inspired me to design this dinosaur can not be recalled. Only his birth year is known, "1993" written by me at it's base. WoW! I am a mother of a 18 years old dinosaur !

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Natalia Glazacheva said...

Hydie, you're so talented lady! I do love all your creatures, your drawing, your sculptures like this one, all your designs, your photos and your wedding day makes :0) All it looks beautiful. You're a great artist.
Take care dear friend
Hope you'll feel better soon