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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Metallic mantis

While my husband is a big fan of Gundam model building and Lego bricks building, I don't have much interest in it, mainly because I hate following complicated instruction books. The last time I can recall building a model was building a stealth bomber model during the Gulf War period. After nearly 20 years I played with model building again.
I got attracted by the display of this model inside a home craft shop in Japan 2 months ago, intrigued by the delicate and stylish design of this metallic mantis I decided to try building one at home.
After opening the box and pouring out the items, I was petrified at the moment when I saw the long and complicated instructions sheet.  Am I able to complete it? Though I am Japanese literate I doubted my capability of reading technical instructions. In addition, the numerous attention signs were intimidating. I could not imagine assembling such a small scale delicate model demands so much attention.
Luckily I did not struggle too long for completing my mantis. This model is perfectly designed, every part fits in beautifully, instructions clear enough for a beginner. It is surprising that not many screws are used, each piece is designed so well that they interlocked with each other, holding other parts firmly.
There are totally 9 movable parts on the mantis, the head, the 2 arms, the 4 limbs and the 2 wings.


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