I am a handcraft maniac. I am felling in love with needle felting, beading, photography, drawing, clay pastries and miniature making.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

my tiny craft room

Every crafter has his/her own sanctuary for crafting, mine is a tiny spare bedroom in my home.

Storing and organizing crafting supplies is important for me. I have various kinds of supplies : wool, felt, ribbons, beads, findings, clay, silk flowers, dried flowers and moss, metal strands etc.. I need a good and organized storage place for all of my supplies, and easily retrievable at the same time, or else everything will be in a mess and most of my time will be wasted in digging things out instead of crafting.

Due to limited space in my home, all things are densely packed into boxes of various sizes and stored inside a tiny spare bedroom. This bedroom is very small, it barely accommodates a single bed, a closet and a desk. Luckily this room has a big window which allows sufficient light for crafting and taking photos of my work. The window sill is big enough to create setups for product photos, 99% of my photos are taken here.

A flat screen TV is hanged on the wall to provide a bit of entertainment while crafting. This room though small can provide all things I need for a pleasurable weekend. 

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