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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wreaths from Blissful Meandering

I'm so happy to have 2 new wreaths from etsy shop BlissfulMeandering for this year's Christmas. There are Christmas wreaths in Hong Kong but nothing like these, they make my home special. I found that my plushies match very well with the wreaths, so the grey one became the home of my happy cat and the red one became the home of my grey bear. Thanks Krysti for creating these wonderful wreaths.


Salina said...

Wow! Those had to have taken you forever to make!:) Love the top one. You are the queen of cute I believe.;)

Hydie Tan said...

The top grey one is really awesome. You can put quite a lot of things on the wreath without using any glue or tapes.

Krysti said...

Awww, I just found this post. Thank you so much for posting about the wreaths I made for you. I am so glad that you enjoyed them.
Blissful Meandering